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Collection: HM CLAUSE

An international leader in sustainable agriculture, HM CLAUSE specializes in the breeding, production, and sales of high-quality vegetable seeds. Our team operates across 30 countries to serve growers on every continent. Together, we build a strong collaboration with the farmers we serve, earning trust by providing the support to sustainably improve the quality and taste of healthy food.

We are global. We are local.

From the world market to the farmer’s market, we deliver excellence. Communication and close collaboration at both the global and local levels ensure we meet local customer requirements with attention to regional niche. Local experiences and observations inform our global teams on a daily basis, who are then equipped to apply their knowledge to serve a variety of clients from growers of all size and scale to worldwide distributors —a virtuous cycle benefitting all involved.

Top seed solutions

Leading research facilities and a commitment to the field allows our international team to develop reliable, regionally relevant seeds side-by-side with growers around the world. Our quality seeds produce flavorful robust vegetables. Environmentally friendly agriculture makes it all possible.

Committed with you

At HM CLAUSE, our commitments are empowered by a historical legacy with roots dating back centuries. The only pure seed choice, our record reflects an ambitious commitment to improving the robustness and productivity of the seeds we produce. Ultimately, the crops we cultivate are inspired by our roots in farming. Our mission to develop high-quality vegetable seeds tailored to meet the agricultural challenges of today extends throughout our stakeholder value chain from growers and processors to consumers and the environment.

For a better life:
Vegetable plant breeders, we’re committed to establishing sustainable livelihoods for farmers. Thanks to plant breeding, they’re able to increase yield, reduce water use, and deliver the highest quality vegetables for consumers across the globe.

For diversified agriculture:
We’re proud to serve clients from the smallest farmers to the biggest distributors and from subsistence agriculture to processing crops. Present in 30+ countries, our solutions adapt to a wide scale of climate and agronomical conditions.

For the future:
In the coming years, the world will be confronted with a significant wave of issues from a growing population to limited farming resources. That’s why we adopt a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach to encourage efficient, responsible growth.

HM CLAUSE includes HARRIS MORAN in the USA and CLAUSE in France, with roots dating back to 1785. Invested in the success of every client and the future of what’s next, we believe in earning your trust and consistently delivering on excellence.