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Hm Clause Asha F1 Hybrid Capsicum Seed

Hm Clause Asha F1 Hybrid Capsicum Seed

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Dark-green, blocky & attractive fruits


  • High quality fruits with thick walls
  • Very good foliage providing excellent fruit cover
  • Suitable for long distance transport
  • Fruits have 3-4 lobes
  • High yield potential
  • Compact plant habit

Technical information 

Usage  Fresh Market
Typology Blocky
Growing conditions Open Field
Maturity Early
Color Green
Fruit size Large
Production cycle Main
Fruit weight (g) MIN 180.00
Fruit weight (g) MAX 200.00


Disease Resistances Chart

 HR / IR Abbreviation Pathogen / Casual Agent
IR CMV Cucumber Mosaic Virus
HR PepMoV Pepper Mottle Virus
HR PepYMV Pepper Yellow Mosaic Virus
HR PVY:0,1,1-2 Potato Virus Y [races 0,1,1-2]
HR Tm:0 Tobamovirus (ToMV, TMV, PMMoV) [race P0]
HR Xcv:1,2,3 Xanthomonas campestris pv. Vesicatoria [races 1,2,3]


HR = High Resistance
IR = Intermediate Resistance



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