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Adama Custodia (Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3% W/W SC) Fungicide

Adama Custodia (Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3% W/W SC) Fungicide

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With Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3% Custodia improves the crop's health and quality. Fights Sheath Blight, Fruit Rot, Purple Blotch, and more!

General Info

Custodia is a Broad spectrum fungicide for the control of many fungal pathogens & diseases.

Custodia has very good preventive & curative properties which provides flexibility & broad window of application.

It has a dual mode of action, hence it works at multiple stages of fungal development.

Custodia impacts positively on the physiological activity of the applied crop by improving the yield & quality of the produce thus fetching better price.

Custodia is available in the pack sizes of 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1ltr.


Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3% w/w SC


Suspension Concentrate (SC)

Recommendation for use

Crop Insect Pest ml/Hectare ml/Acre
Chilli Fruit rot, Powdery mildew & Dieback 600 240
Onion Purple blotch 750 300
Rice Sheath blight 750 300
Wheat Yellow rust 750 300
Tomato Early blight 750 300
Potato Early & late blight 750 300
Grape Downy mildew & Powdery mildew 750 300
Apple Scab, Powdery mildew and Pre mature leaf fall disease 1ml/L of water 1ml/L of water

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