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BASF Exponus (Broflanilide 300 G/L SC) Insecticide

BASF Exponus (Broflanilide 300 G/L SC) Insecticide

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Brand Name    :    BASF
Product Name    :   Exponus
Technical Name    :   Broflanilide 300 G/L SC
Target     :    Many insects in different crops at different stages.

Exponus® - A revolutionary insecticide that gives you the power over difficult insects

 Exponus® insecticide is a powerful, quick, and versatile insecticide for farmers who want the top performing pest control tool. It is a new mode of action targeted to control even the toughest chewing pests, certain thrips & leaf miner


1. Powerful - Effective on resistant and toughest insects
2. Quick - Spreads and acts fast, resulting in quick control of insects
3. Versatile - Effectively controls many insects in different crops at different stages

How it works?

Unique mode of Action - Powered by the active ingredient Broflanilide. GABA-gated chloride channel allosteric modulators

No Cross Resistance - Effective on targets which have developed resistance against multiple MOAs

Mode of Action


Exponus® prevents GABA from transmitting inhibitory signals causing over excitation of the nervous system leading to incapacitation of the insect. Learn the right application for the best results by visiting the Exponus® Experience Zone.

Product application information

Crop Dose ml/acre Water volume/acre 1st Spray 2nd Spray PHI / day  Crop benefits
Soybean 17 200 ltr With pest incidence 12 to 15 days after 1st application 37

Complete control of Helicoverpa, Spodoptera & Semi looper

Quick knockdown

Good quality pods resulting in higher yield

Red Gram 17 200 ltr With pest incidence 20 to 25 days after 1st application 25

Excellent & long-lasting control of Maruca and Helicoverpa

Better crop architecture

Better flower retention leading to yield advantage

Chilli 34 200 ltr Active vegetative growth stage with Thrips incidence 7-10 days after 1st application 1

Excellent control of selected Thrips & Lepidoptera

Better crop architecture

Better Marketable Yield

Tomato 25 200 ltr Before Flower initiation Fruit initiation stage 1

Excellent Lepidoptera control

Better crop architecture

Better Yield

Brinjal 25  200 ltr Active vegetative growth stage 7-10 days after 1st application 1

Very good shoot & fruit borer control

Better crop architecture

Edge on Thrips control/suppression

Better Yield


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