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BASF Intrepid (Chlorfenapyr 10% SC) Insecticide

BASF Intrepid (Chlorfenapyr 10% SC) Insecticide

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Brand Name    :    BASF India Limited
Product Name    :    Intrepid
Technical Name    :    Chlorfenapyr 10% SC
Target Pests    :    Control for DBM and Mites


Intrepid® is a broad spectrum insecticides for Chilli & Cabbage. It gives superior control for DBM and Mites.

Intrepid is a novel chemistry that saps energy out of insects, thereby rendering them weak. It belongs to the diacylhydrazine class of insecticides and has a novel mode of action that mimics the action of the molting hormone. It has contact & stomach action and also has systemic properties. Intrepid works by disrupting the production of adenosine triphosphate, in the insect nervous system.

Benefits of Intrepid
  • Broad spectrum control: DBM and Mites
  • Longer duration of control: Compared to other conventional miticides / insecticides. This leads to lesser number of sprays on the crop
  • Translaminar : Intrepid is able to control pests feeding on the underside of the leaf.

    How it works?
  • Novel mode of action
    • Interferes with respiration & acts on mitochondria (power house)
    • Intrepid stops the battery of the insect !! (Conversion of ADP to ATP in Mitochondria generates chemical energy for cell functions in insects)
    • Intrepid lodges between inner and outer membranes of Mitochondria and prevents ATP production.
    • Hence cells stop functioning and insect dies from inability to produce its own energy

 Product application information

Crop Target Disease Dosage Water Volume PHI  When to Apply
Chilli DBM & Mites 300-400 ml/acre 200 L/acre 5 1st spray at 30 to 35 DAT
2nd spray at 65 to 75 DAT
Cabbage DBM & Mites 300-400 ml/acre 200 L/acre 7 1st spray at 35-40 DAT 
2nd spray at 50-60 DAT 


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