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BASF Priaxor (Fluxapyroxad 167 G/L + Pyraclostrobin 333 G/L SC) Fungicide

BASF Priaxor (Fluxapyroxad 167 G/L + Pyraclostrobin 333 G/L SC) Fungicide

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Brand Name    :    BASF India Limited
Product Name    :    Priaxor 
Technical Name    :    Fluxapyroxad 167 g/L + Pyraclostrobin 333 g/L SC
Target    :    Priaxor fungicide is a powerful tool designed to consistently protect various crops from a variety of fungi and other stresses. It provides the ultimate in longest-lasting disease protection, post-infection disease control and Plant Health benefits. And this kind of consistent performance delivers higher potential yields. 

Allow your crop to grow to the fullest with Priaxor®, a Xemium® fungicide that helps to counter stress and diseases.

Priaxor® is powered by BASF’s new active ingredient Xemium®, which is the first of its kind technology that not only counters stress but also provides advanced disease control for commonly occurring diseases in Soybean, Groundnut and Cotton. Priaxor® has exceptional distribution in plants, ensuring faster and long-lasting efficacy.

It is registered to use in Soybean, Groundnut, Cotton and Wheat in India.



  • Priaxor® distributes faster in the plant & relieves the stress & diseases.
  • Priaxor® forms depots on the leaf and continuously supplies Xemium®, resulting in long lasting efficacy.
  • Leads to higher crop yields & quality.

Product application information

Crop Target Disease Dosage When and how to apply
Cotton Alternaria Leaf Blight 120ml/acre

1st spray: Within 7-10 days after the first white flower blooms

2nd spray: Repeat the spray in 10-15 days interval

Groundnut Tikka disease (Cercospora spp) 120ml/acre

Active Peg to Pod formation (50-60 DAS) 

Soybean Frog eye leaf spot (Cercospora) 120ml/acre

Spray during pod initiation

Wheat Rust 120ml/acre

Flag Leaf to Booting stage


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