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Bayer EverGol Xtend (Penflufen 13.28% W/W + Trifloxystrobin 13.28% W/W FS) Fungicide

Bayer EverGol Xtend (Penflufen 13.28% W/W + Trifloxystrobin 13.28% W/W FS) Fungicide

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  • Brand Name    :    Bayer CropScience Limited
  • Product Name    :    EverGol Xtend
  • Technical Name    :    Penflufen 13.28% w/w + Trifloxystrobin 13.28% w/w FS
  • Target Pests    :    Seed and Seedling rot diseases

EverGol® Xtend

Penflufen 13.28% w/w + Trifloxystrobin 13.28% w/w FS 

EverGol Xtend is a unique combination of two very impactful active ingredients that allows farmer to save his costly seed from seed and seedling rot diseases. It provides Active Root Growth Promotion and gives energy to the seeds. EverGol Xtend treated plants result in improved plant emergence, survival and increase in plant population. 


Penflufen is a novel pyrazole fungicide with SDHI (Succinate Dehydrogenase Inhibitor) mode of action. It targets the succinate dehydrogenase, one of the enzymes in the respiratory chain within the mitochondria of the fungus.

Trifloxystrobin is Qo inhibitor fungicide (QoI). It interferes with respiration in plant pathogenic fungi.

Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) Classification

Penflufen grouped under the FRAC code no. 7

Trifloxystrobin grouped under the FRAC code no. 11 


 It invigorates energy to the seeds and keeps them Fit

 The seeds are able to grow at the fullest potential and emerge out the soil Fast

 Better plant establishment leads to higher yields making the farmer a   winner. 


 Always use gloves while handling the treatment and treated seeds. 

crops  Common Name Of Diseases
potato black scruf (Rhizoctonia solani )



Before application : 

  • Read the label and leaflet for dose rates and procedure of treatment.
  • Ensure adequate personal protective equipment
  • Seed treatment equipment must be regularly checked and calibrated to ensure accurate and safe application 

After application : 

  • Treated seed should be dried before bagging
  • Treated seed should be suitable labeled mentioning the dose and date of treatment.
  • Treated seed should be transported in a responsible way, so that the seed is not spilled.
  • Plant Protection Equipment must be cleaned separately.

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