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Bayer Planofix (Alpha Napthyl Acetic Acid 4.5% SL) PGR

Bayer Planofix (Alpha Napthyl Acetic Acid 4.5% SL) PGR

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  • Brand Name    :    Bayer CropScience Limited
  • Product Name    :    Planofix
  • Technical Name    :    Alpha Napthyl Acetic Acid 4.5% SL
  • Purpose    :    Induce flowering and uniform growth,Increase fruit size and weight, delay maturity


Alpha Napthyl Acetic Acid 4.5 SL (4.5 % w/w) 

Jump is a Fipronil based phenyl pyrazole insecticide. Jump is very effective in controlling stem borer and leaf folder in rice. Fipronil not only controls insect pests effectively but also shows plant growth enhancement effects which results in higher yields. The potent formulation enables effective control of pests at very low dose rates thereby resulting in lower impact on environment. 


Planofix when sprayed on plants prevents the formation of abscission layer by suppressing ethylene gas produced and hence thereby prevents the shedding of flowers, buds and fruits. 


  • Prevents natural shedding of squares, bolls in cotton, flowers in vegetables, chillies, and fruits like mango
  • Reduces pre-harvest berry drop in grapes.
  • Increases fruit size in pineapple and grapes. 


  • Should be sprayed during cool part of the day.
  • Though compatible with most pesticides, individual application will give good result..
  • Standard solution : 1 ml Planofix in 4.5 L of water = 10 ppm
    10 ml Planofix in 4.5 L of water = 100 ppm 

Pineapple: (a) Apply just before expected flowering. (b) Drench the whole fruit but avoid the spray drift to young crop. (c) Again, wet the whole fruit 2 weeks before harvest.

Tomato: At the time of flowering apply twice.

Chillies: 1. First spray during flowering. 2. Second spray 20-30 days after spray (2 applications).

Mango: 1. First spray when tender fruits are of pea size. 2. Malformation before fruit bud differentiation- approximate 3 month before flowering.

Grapes: 1. First spray at pruning, 2. Second spray when flowering starts.

Grapes: (To control berry drop) Spray on matured grapes branches 10-15 days before harvesting. 

crop   purpose
Pineapple (a) to induce flowering and uniform growth
(b) to increase fruit size
(c) To delay maturity
Tomato -
Chilli Ist spray
IInd Spray
Mango Ist spray
IInd Spray
Cotton -
Grapes to increase size and weight of berries


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