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Sumitomo Borneo (Etoxazole 10% SC) Insecticide

Sumitomo Borneo (Etoxazole 10% SC) Insecticide

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  • Brand Name    :    Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd
  • Product Name    :    Borneo
  • Technical Name    :    Etoxazole 10% SC
  • Target Pest    :    Controls the growth of mites.

What is BORNEO?

Borneo is a powerful acaricide used to prevent the crops from the attack of mites. Borneo controls the growth of mites and provides an excellent long term safety to the crop plants.

Borneo works efficiently when it comes in contact with eggs, larvae and nymph of the mites. It prevents the development of respiratory organs in eggs and does not allow molting in nymphs. Borneo is ineffective on the adult mites but helps prevent development of eggs in an adult female mite.

Borneo is suitable at every weather temperature including a good efficiency in the rainy season. Effect of Borneo can be seen even after 3-4 hours of continuous rain.

Main Features of BORNEO

  • New discovery: Mites may develop easy resistance against the old acaricides used on them. But Borneo is a newly developed acaricide, against which resistance by mites is still not seen.
  • Borneo is effective only on eggs, larvae and nymph stage of mites and also affects the reproduction process of female adults.
  • Borneo is a selective acaricide which is safe for beneficial insects.
  • Borneo enters the outer surface of the leaves and spreads in the inner cells which results in termination ofeggs, larvae andnymph of the mites hidden in the back surface of the leaves.
  • Borneo gives an excellent long term safety from mites.
  • Borneo is a harmless acaricide which comes with a green mark on the pack.

Working of BORNEO 

Borneo is a unique mode of action. It inhibits the formation of chitin biosynthesis in mites which results in inability to shed the old exoskeleton by larvae and nymphs. Thus, being in the same condition for a long time they are unable to survive and lead to death.

Directions for use: 

Quantity - 120-140 ml/acre
Time - Borneo should be used in early stage of mite attack. First spray should be done when the population of mites is 3-5 per leaf.
Water - 500 litre/ hectare
Precautions -Apply Borneo in a proper way for a thorough coverage of leaves.Start the application of Borneo right when the mite population is 3-5 mites perleaf.



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