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Geolife Vigore Raja High Performing Bio Fertilizer

Geolife Vigore Raja High Performing Bio Fertilizer

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Vigore Raja 

Vigore Raja is a powerful innovation by Geolife. Vigore powered by Mycorrhiza for high uptake of nutrients. Increases chlorophyll levels & helps plant for enhancing photosynthesis. Promotes complete crop development. Activates profuse primary and secondary root development.

  • Vigore Raja helps plant for strong establishment, growth and soil aggregation. It Improves water holding capacity of the soil in root zone. 
  • It facilitates nutrient absorption from the soil solution. 
  • It provides better resistance during drought periods. 
  • It helps to maintain pH in the root zone. 
  • It helps in profuse tillering, branching and over all plant development. 
  • Promotes complete crop development with Higher yield and better quality of the produce. 
  • Accelerate soil microbial activity and facilitates higher nutrient uptake.
  • It provides primary resistance to soil borne pathogens.
  • Reduction in the problem of fruit and flower drop and Increase in the size and weight of the grains/ fruits.
  • Vigore Raja is water soluble so it can be applied by foliar and also Soil / Root / Drench application.

In Which Crop I Can Use It ?

All crops (vegetable, cereals, pulses, fruits )
What Are The Dosage ? Foliar Application- 1gm/litre of water
Soil Application - 250gm/acre
On Which Crop Stage It Can Be Applied ? Early or Vegetative Growth Stage 
Which Application It Can Go With ? Foliar Application, Soil Application, Drip and Drenching Application 


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