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Godrej Agrovet Terra Sorb Complex (Free Amino Acids 20%) Bio-stimulant

Godrej Agrovet Terra Sorb Complex (Free Amino Acids 20%) Bio-stimulant

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Free Amino Acids 20%

Product Description:

Terra Sorb, developed by Bioberica using Enzyneer technology, contains free amino acids and is one of the best products which helps to mitigate all kinds of abiotic stresses.


Mode of Action:

Terra Sorb's application compliments to Amino Acids that the plant produces, enabling the plants to save energy in the production of these amino acids. It stimulates physiological processes and provides amino acids that the plant needs to produce its proteins.

Crops Dose per Acre (gm/ml)
Grapes 300
Potato 300
Chillies 300
Cabbage 300



  1. Strong bunch emergence, increase in area and Chlorophyll.
  2. Even size tubers, increase in area and chlorophyll.
  3. Even fruit development.
  4. Increase head weight, increase in head compactness.

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