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PI Industries Simbaa (Propargite 57% EC)Insecticide

PI Industries Simbaa (Propargite 57% EC)Insecticide

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SIMBAA is a highly effective acaricide, widely used across the globe for past few decades. Propargite, the active ingredient of SIMBAA, belongs to a new group of chemical – sulfite ester.

Trade Name: SIMBAA

Common Name:Propargite

Formulation: 57% EC


  • SIMBAA belongs to a new chemistry group which has proven to be safe in use.
  • SIMBAA acts primarily by direct contact, residual contact and vapor action, controlling all stages of mites.
  • SIMBAA is very effective on all harmful mites such as Red spider mite, Two spotted mites, European red mite and Yellow/White mite.
  • SIMBAA also controls motile stages of mites.
  • SIMBAA gives longer protection.


Use 1 to 1.5 litres of SIMBAA per hectare (400 to 600 ml per acre) for field crops. 400 - 600 litres of water with high volume sprayer and 200 - 300 litres of water with low volume sprayer per hectare should be used for effective coverage of entire crop canopy. For plantation crops use 0.75-1.25 L of SIMBAA per hectare. Thorough coverage of entire infested crop canopy is very essential for best results.

Recommended Dosages:

Tea Red spider mites, Pink mites, Purple mites, Scarlet mites 750-1250 ml (430-612 g a.i.)
Chili Mites 1500 ml (850 g a.i.)
Apple European red mites, Two spotted mites 5-10 ml/tree (2.85-5.7 g a.i.)
Brinjal Two spotted spider mites (Tetranychus urticae)  1000 ml (570 g a.i.)



No specific antidote is known, Treat symptomatically.

Mode of Action

  • SIMBAA acts by direct contact, residual contact and vapour action in dense crop canopy.
  • SIMBAA interferes with the key mite enzyme systems, which causes interruption of normal metabolism, respiration and electron transport functions in the nervous system of mites.
  • SIMBAA kills the nymphs as they emerge from eggs, laid before the spray.
  • Female mites stop laying eggs immediately after coming in contact.

Danger Level

  • Yellow triangle, Highly toxic.
  • Cautionary word on triangle - Poison.

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