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Sumitomo Dantotsu (Clothianidin 50% WDG) Insecticide

Sumitomo Dantotsu (Clothianidin 50% WDG) Insecticide

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  • Brand Name    :    Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd
  • Product Name    :    Dantotsu
  • Technical Name    :    Clothianidin 50% WDG
  • Target Pest    :    Pests like mealy bug, jassid, aphid, white fly and termites in different crops.

The Safest Solution for Sugarcane, Paddy, Cotton, Tea and Grapes.

Dantotsu® is a unique broad spectrum systemic insecticide. Dantotsu® is a green triangle chemistry that is completely safe if used as per recommendations of CIB & RC.

Crop - Sugarcane, Paddy, Cotton, Tea and Grapes


Dantotsu® is orally/dermally taken in the body of insect pests and binds to the acetylcholine (ACh) receptor on the post-synaptic membrane of synapse. Acting as agonist of ACh, it rapidly shows toxic/insecticidal activity. Dantotsu® can prevent insect pests from feeding / sucking/ ovipositting.


  • Long lasting control over insects.
  • Control over many type of pests like mealy bug, jassid, aphid, white fly and termites in different crops like cotton grapes, sugarcane rice and tea crop.
  • Comparatively Safe insecticide (Green triangle product).
  • Rapidly spreading within the plant system because of Systemic Activity.


  • Powered by Clothianidin 50% WDG


  • Use the recommended dose of Dantotsu®
  • Complete coverage is most important for best results
  • Spray in the evening or in the morning, and cover the plant properly


    Crops About Time Of Application Dosage Method Of Application
    Paddy Dantotsu delivers effective control against Brown Plant Hoppers in Paddy. Apply Dantotsu at the time of early infestation. 12-16 gm per acre. Recommended dose of Dantotsu should be mixed with 200 litres of water per acre and sprayed at 45-60 days after transplanting.
    Tea Dantotsu delivers effective control against TEA MOSQUITO BUG (Helopeltis Theivora) in Tea. Apply Dantotsu at the time of early infestation. 24-48 gm per acre. Make a solution of the recommended quantity of Dantotsu in 200 liters of water per acre and spray it on flowering.
    Cotton Dantotsu delivers effective control against APHIDS, JASIDS, WHITE FLY & THRIPS in Cotton. Spray Dantotsu at the time of early infestation for Jassid and Whitefly. 12-16 gm per acre. As soon as possible after the germination (within 7 days) by soil drenching technique.
    Sugarcane Dantotsu delivers effective control against TERMITES & SHOOT BORERS in Sugarcane. Apply Dantotsu at The Time of Sowing. 100 gm per acre. Use soil drenching technique for application with 400 litres of water per acre.
    Grapes Dantotsu delivers effective control against MEALY BUGS, THIRPS & JASSIDS in Grapes. Apply Dantotsu at the time of early infestation. 200 gm per acre.



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