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YARA YaraMila Complex (NPK 12:11:18) Fertiliser

YARA YaraMila Complex (NPK 12:11:18) Fertiliser

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YaraMila Complex is a premium, prilled nitrophosphate NPK (12-11-18 with sulphur and magnesium), designed to maximize crop yield and quality.

Each YaraMila Complex prill contains precisely tailored/balanced amounts of NPK.  So, when applied at the right rate and in the right conditions, YaraMila Complex ensures the accurate, and balanced uptake of these major nutrients into the crop.

Balanced source of nitrogen

YaraMila Complex has a balanced nitrogen source, containing both nitrate-N and ammonium-N. A high nitrate concentration is a prerequisite to feed fast growing crops and ensure good root development, while the ammonium-N is important to keep a sustained delivery of nitrogen. In addition nitrate supports the uptake on positively charged nutrients (Ca++, Mg++, K+). Compared to pure ammonium or urea based fertilizers, YaraMila products are significantly more effective on an equal nitrogen basis, therefore, giving better yields and quality.

A unique mix of phosphates ensures high phosphorus uptake

All phosphorus in YaraMila Complex is fully plant available, as water soluble orthophosphates and ammonium citrate soluble di-calciumphosphate. YaraMila Complex contains 25% of phosphorus in a unique form : the polyphosphate. Trials show that polyphosphates significantly improves the availability of soluble phosphate for the crop. A combination of different forms give greater and a longer lasting availability of phosphorus to crops over a wide range of soil types.

Only Complex NPK in India with SOP as source of potash

The potassium in YaraMila Complex stimulates growth of strong stems and provides some disease and pest tolerance by increasing the thickness of the outer cell walls. Potassium also improves the frost and drought tolerance of plants. Potassium is essential for high yielding and high quality crops. An adequate supply of potassium has a positive effect on leaf, fruit and grain size. Fruit with an adequate potassium supply has higher total soluble solids (TSS) and therefore tastes better. Balancing potassium with other available cations in the soil is very important. High levels of potassium in the soil can suppress the availability of other nutrients, especially calcium and magnesium.

The potassium source in YaraMila Complex is based on SOP which improves the production of most fruits and vegetables. Using an SOP based fertilizer is particularly important for crops with a low tolerance to chloride.

Also contains magnesium and sulphur

YaraMila Complex contains magnesium and sulphur. Magnesium is required for many plant processes including transfer of energy, protein synthesis and cell structure. It is particularly important for chlorophyll production – as much as 25% of the plant’s total magnesium is localized in its chloroplasts. Adequate Mg levels in the plant will keep the leaves greener for a longer period.

Sulfur is an important component of enzymes and other proteins and is required for the nitrate metabolism.

Ease of use

The product is a compound and therefore offers even distribution of nutrients whether spread by hand or machine on the field. There is no risk of nutrient segregation during shipping, handling or spreading.

Product application advice

Wine Grape

Grapevines: For best results, apply YaraMila Complex two times : First application : 50 kg/acre (soil applied) at the time of pruning Second application : 25 kg per acre (soil applied), 41-80 days after pruning.


(field grown): Apply YaraMila Complex 3 times: 1. 25 kg/acre at the time of transplant. 2. 12.5 kg/acre at vegetative growth stage 3. 12.5 kg/acre at the time of flowering.

Oil Palm

Oil palm: For best results, apply YaraMila Complex three times: 1. 400 gram/plant at preflowering 2. 200 gram/plant at flowering 3. 200 gram /plant at fruit development


Pepper (field grown): For best results, apply YaraMila Complex (soil application)@ 50 kg per acre at the time of transplant.


Soya bean: For best results, apply YaraMila Complex 3 times: 1. 12.5 kg/acre at germination 2. 12.5 kg/acre at node development 3. 12.5 kg/acre at pod formation stage.


 For best results, apply YaraMila Complex 25 kg/acre at basal stage.


(field grown): For best results, apply YaraMila Complex 2 times: 1. 25 kg/acre, 30-45 days after transplant 2. 25 kg/acre, 90-105 days after transplant

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels and accompanying leaflet for complete details and directions for use. The seller warrants that this product conforms to the chemical description on the label and is reasonably fit for the purposes stated on the label when used in strict accordance with the directions, subject to the inherent risks set forth below. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, The seller MAKES NO OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY.

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